Pleystowe Mill is located about 18 kilometres west of Mackay, on the southern bank of the picturesque Pioneer River. The Pleystowe Sugar Plantation began operations at the end of 1869, when the land where the mill now stands was purchased from a selector who had been growing cotton and tobacco before sugarcane was introduced into the district.

Crops were first planted there during 1870-71, with machinery installed simultaneously. In 1872, Pleystowe Mill's first manufactured sugar was sent to Mackay by horse team for shipment to Brisbane.

Between 1884 and 1903, the mill's ownership changed twice and its operations extended until in 1903 the Queensland Government took possession due to the mill's inability to make financial repayments on monies loaned by the government for the mill's extensions. The government relinquished control in 1905 when the mill's bank guaranteed the debt.

Damage caused by the 1918 cyclone to the adjoining mill, The Palms, was so extensive that its cane supply was sent to Pleystowe to be crushed. In 1925, the two mills were amalgamated under the name of Amalgamated Sugar Mills Limited.

This company became part of CSR Limited in 1975, following the absorption of The Australian Estates Co Limited group of companies by CSR Limited.

In January 1988, Mackay Sugar Co-operative Association Limited purchased Pleystowe Mill and, in 2009, the mill was closed and the plant and equipment integrated into our existing mills.