We’re conscious of our responsibilities to continually improve our environmental performance through sustainable practices. Our Environmental Policy, to which we must adhere to, includes the following objectives:

- Comply with or surpass all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and standards to which the Company subscribes
- Identify potential impacts and develop mitigation programs and controls which are regularly monitored and reviewed
- Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS)
- Promote sustainability through efficient use of natural resources and energy, including reuse or recycling of waste resources where appropriate
- Prevent pollution through adoption of practical waste and emissions reduction practices and technologies
- Continual improvement by establishing environmental objectives and targets and performance evaluation system with associated indicators
- Ensure our employees and stakeholders are appropriately informed of our policies, management system and performance

Our operations are subject to compliance with various State and Federal legislation primarily relating to emissions to air and discharges to water and land. In line with these, we’ve made significant investments in recent years (in terms of capital and effort) to either comply with or to work towards compliance with all government regulations. These investments have been targeted specifically at reducing air pollution, improving our approach to wastewater treatment and to the management of waste products such as mill mud and boiler ash.

We have an environmental management system (EMS) which demonstrates our commitment to environmental management, resource use and sustainable development. Specific plans and procedures have been prepared to ensure operational compliance and to minimise impacts on the environment and the community in which we operate, these include:

- Bagasse Management Plans (site specific)
- Waste Management Plans (site specific)
- Dust Management Plans (site specific)
- Environmental Action Plans (site specific)
- Environmental Monitoring and Measurement Plans (site specific)
- Environmental Aspect and Impact Registers (site specific)
- Group Filter Mud/Ash Beneficial Reuse Management Plan